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Fake VS Real money website is result of my own experiences when I struggled to earn money as freelancer.

What is Fake VS Real Money

We are not financial advisors like who teach you how to make money. We educate people with respect to WFH (work from home), remote, online (full time/ part time) and freelancing jobs. Also act like a consultancy. Provides,

  • FREE information of genuine websites
  • FREE information of fake job offers/ fraud experiences by real job seekers through blogs
  • FREE Register to apply jobs (condition apply based on experience level and job type)
  • FREE Register to hire candidates (condition apply)
  • Rs 499/- Paid services for who has doubt or don’t have time to do trail and errors. Work from home job notifications in Rs 499/- Paid services

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Read our story and build your success stories

About Founder

My name is Rashmi. Just like everyone born in a middle class family. Met electric shock during high school days. Lost my right hand and right leg.Wanted to do something in my life. My bad, what happening was, 'having dreams but nothing happening in reality.

Data entry work reality

Everyone thinks a data entry job is very easy and by default online work but in reality as a result you find so many fake websites. As per my opinion least earning, easily trap-able, hard work jobs are nothing but DATA ENTRY.

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Are you looking for real time experiences before start to WFH jobs. Here, you can read my experiences and Other's experiences, inspiration stories. Real time work from home jobs experiences related to your category. And here is for you....