About Fake VS Real Money

I am Rashmi S Pandukumar, founder of “FAKE VS REAL MONEY”. Also, Co-founder and COO of Vihana Fashions LLP. Worked as Quality Assurance Engineer in IBM company for 5.6 years. Started my business career through Amway networking business. Click here know more about founder.

This Website is NOT FOR WHO LOOKING A FULL TIME JOB ‘WORK AT OFFICE’. It is like a Guide who is looking for a genuine websites to work from home and freelancing jobs. We are not promoting/ de-promoting any business. Blogs are purely written based on end users experiences. If anyone claims written blog’s feedback is not correct they can reach us and give proof for their argument. We happily re-publish it to our readers. Condition is we publish mentioning name.

Why I started this?

When I was looking for part time income, what all struggles I faced and also what all success I got those I wanted to share with people who looking like me to earn money. Also I wanted to help people who want to work and earn. So I created this Platform.

Fake vs real money website is the result of my own experiences. As I am from a middle class family background, before leaving my job to after my own company establishment what I struggled with, I did trial and errors on those things I am sharing here. As much as I got FAILURES, I got the same amount of SUCCESS STORIES too. When I started to share those experiences with my friends and family, I got good responses. That’s how I created this platform. Also, I encourage people here share their experiences with me through this site who successfully earned money or faced fake job offers.

Some people in your life just guide you or give information on how to earn money. But, when you get trained from an expert who already worked on it then you will get confidence. That kind confidence boosts you to success in your money earning mission. I am doing the same here. Here I am sharing my experiences with job seekers so that they can escape from frauds /fake websites. Also I give jobs if projects are available with respect to their skill set. I would like to join people who have experiences like me and are earning money well now. For more details watch video here.


QA Engineer

5.6 years IT Experiences (2014 - 2019)


1yr exp as COO and co-founder of Vihana Fashions LLP (2019 - Present)


Network marketing experience (2016 - 2017)


Happy Freelance project's clients

What Fake vs real money do?

We give Genuine job details like consultancy. Based on skills You can apply for jobs here, we will call you when we require candidates. Readers can get knowledge fake and genuine websites though blogs and jobs page. You can see these Ratings too. I post other people's experiences too.


Creating WORK FROM ANY WHERE (REMOTE) platform. By giving solution,