App failure reasons and solutions

You will find each month 10000 apps get published in each category but only top 10 used by real users. Then what about 9990 app?. They failed?.. but why?

1.Lack of market research

Yes primary reason, lack of market research. They have not done market research properly.

Before development:

  • Is there any market for my app or not?
  • Can this app solve customers’ problems?
  • Who is my competitor?
  • Are there no apps that perform similar functions?
  • Would your customers like to use it or not?

But, are you wondering you have done this properly but still failed?!!.

Yes, before development you have done good market research but you have done good beta testing before launching your app?. This is also one type of market research only, here you checking how user feeling while using your app.

After development:

Do usability test and beta test thoroughly.

  • How they feeling?
  • What they want?
  • What they expected before downloading app and what they found after install?
  • Is your user feeling happy?

2.Lack of Marketing Strategies

How you reaching your target audience?

How will people know about your product until you don’t market your app? Your marketing strategies will attract them to the exciting features you are providing in your mobile app?

3.Retain your users

If people just installing and uninstalling your app. They are not keeping your app for long then you found your app self-suicide.

There are so many ways you make them download once using physical marketing, digital marketing, application marketing etc… but what is the use they uninstalled back? they not found worthy to keep long in their phone?

Make sure you have used techniques of ‘STOP-UNINSTALL’

4.Similar mobile apps

Knowing your competitor is always good. You can measure yourself where you are.

Also, don’t forget to do research on ,  your target users using other offline alternate options as well.

5.Bad UI

If user is unable to use your app then they directly uninstall the app.

Make sure, your app user is finding easy- to- use the app.

  • Problems with app performance
  • The application doesn’t fit with the screen of the device
  • Bad UI design
  • Non-standard GUI controls
  • Difficult features

6.Ignoring O.S versions

Some app may support Android , some not in ios.

In few cases, Even app support for android or ios only. They may not compatible with different O.S versions.

Make sure your app supports most people’s mobile versions.


Users don’t use an application if it has errors and bugs. Usually, one crash is enough to offend a customer and leave a negative review. Once you start getting poor feedback from your potential customers your chances of getting new users decrease.

Make sure important features are bug free.

Have a good software testing.

8. Slow or low performance

If your app is having low performance then 99% chances of user uninstall the app.

Don’t compromise with quality, use good technology. People never care whether you are a new company/ new app, they just need what they want. That’s it!

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