Data Entry jobs reality

Everyone thinks a data entry job is very easy and by default online work. But as per my own experience in reality so many fake websites, least earning, easily trap-able, hard work jobs are nothing but DATA ENTRY.

There are so many misconceptions related to Data entry jobs which is entirely different than reality. Let’s see those

Misconception. no.1:

Data entry job is easy

Reality: You have to type the entire page, without mistake, on time submission.

Misconception. no.2:

No Skills required

Reality: You should have good typing speed with good accuracy

Misconception. no.3:

you can easily earn money

Reality: The least payment. You earn less money compare to other works.

Misconception. no.4:

you get data entry job easily!!

Reality: yes you get data entry job easily! But more are fake.

Misconception. no.5:

Yo can do data entry job Without investment

Reality: 70% of organizations ask for a security deposit or advance payment.

Misconception. no.6:

Data entry can be done as part time work, no dedicate time require

Reality: You should work minimum 4 hrs per day to see a good amount of money.

I am not telling it is impossible or everyone is fake but you should be very careful

Why are security deposits asked by genuine companies for data entry work?

People think a data entry job is easy and I can do work .But in reality if one single character you missed while typing, the employer can’t accept the work. Results is an entire page that you typed going to lose money.

So, people stop working or leave jobs or get fired.

In the view of employer he committed to accomplish few work those remain pending. So,they ask for advance payment.

Tips for job seekers

  • Better you take a typing speed test before deciding to do a DATA ENTRY job.
  • There are so many cheaters and fake websites. so better you go where someone is already earning. If you want in future I will give details about genuine and fake websites.

Or  you can apply for a job here.

  • Don’t pay money unless you know them.

Tips for employers:

  • Take test/ interview before you hire candidates.
  • You can take signatures from candidates  as a contract agreement too.
  • Security deposit is optional.

As a summary I would like to tell job seekers who want to do a data entry job that is “nothing is impossible”, just practice speed typing. At least you commit to work 2months then you habituate to do data entry work.since nothing would come easily. I will give more details in future.

Happy to help, sharing is caring!

-Rashmi SP

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