How to find Fake JOB OFFERS?

This website’s main goal is to make your job search a safe and fraud-free experience. This fake job offers not only applied to work from home/ remote jobs, it applies to every type where the job type is more popular. Starting from government jobs in India to full time corporate jobs I have seen backdoor entries/ fake job offers. But, the problem with work from home is more since every hiring process goes with online/ remote here chances are more. That too, people seek most of the time part time work or extra income sources through this online/ work from home job types. These people want jobs with no skills, no qualifications required. Here is the trap: get start!!!

People never understand easy-to-do jobs never make them rich and when most people are in the crowd why the hell does that recruiter pay more!???

This I have seen most with the data entry jobs, surveys, ad postings, affiliate marketing using social media..etc.. These all jobs say earn more, become rich, etc… Here either you lose your money or waste your time.

How to find Fake job offers / frauds?

  • Asking for money (mostly refundable)
  • Asking for confidential information like credit card/ Aadhaar/ Pan etc..
  • Badly written job description
  • Offering easy hiring criteria and on the spot offers
  • Offering more money than expected
  • Using names of known job portals
  • (it may continue……)

Another one..

Here my question is why you want to pay to do work????????

How to escape from these frauds?

  • Get personalised doubts get clear.

All in one place. 

Note: This article is purely for information purposes only. Author is not promoting or de-promoting any business.Happy to help, sharing is caring!


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