Don’t know what to work on!!


When I started this website one guy told me, Rashmi, I don’t know what to work on!!! Then, I suggested you can apply for Any Work  in my jobs page. But still that guy was not sure what to work or what is my future career. Maybe he is right. I strongly believe every person on this planet has their own unique skills. The biggest problem is they never understand what is their potential is!! This website may not be permanent or I have not fixed his problem completely, since he can’t depend on my website completely for his future.

In Fact,So many people have this problem! They think, I don’t want to do this job. I don’t want this place or I shouldn’t choose this career path but unfortunately I have jumped in so I have to struggle here only or sometimes what happens is, I am already taking this job/ doing work. so somehow I will manage it for the remaining life and get retired.
As we see in inspirational movies like ‘3 idiots’, Zindagi na milegi dobara, Jab we met, Bhag milka bhag..etc… They all say one thing ‘Your hobby, passion turns it to profit’. But, unfortunately not so many people accept this truth because as per my knowledge, Don’t know what to work on or they don’t know how to turn their passion into business or they don’t know how to execute those passions into profit.

People just blame their fate and do the same thing because people don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Willing to leave the comfort zone again it requires guts. It is human nature. NECESSARY IS MOTHER OF INVENTIONS when you get something good, you don’t try for BEST option! By using current resources you may try the BETTER option but not BEST!

For Example a talented Developer may earn 10 times more than whatever he earns currently but even though he knows that truth he can’t because either they don’t know how to turn their passion into business or they don’t know how to execute those passions into profit. Max to max he try to switch one company to another company for a better package but most of the time not many people think they can be a freelance developer or build their own company.

Another example, A talented teacher can build his own school or own tutorial online teaching websites and earn 50 times more but not many people have the guts to do this because either they don’t know how to turn their passion into business or they don’t know how to execute those passions into profit. Teaching is not necessary. It should be curriculum subjects even you can teach drawing, singing, dance etc..

Now you might be thinking only graduates or through only education we can earn, you are partially wrong! You can earn even by your hobby like drawing, singing, dance…from anything that you love!

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-Rashmi SP


There are so many Freelancing sites, provide you freelancing jobs. Here Very big task is you have to find out your matching skills sets.

Let’s see those GENUINE FREELANCING sites list. 

Note: Rating as per jobs available. We are not showing website quality/ popularity/ business related ratings.

If you want more information opt for Rs 199/45 min plan.






You should get approved. After 20 free connects, paid contacts.

But you find genuine payments.



Here as a freelancer your services you sell in 3 quality levels.

Official environment you feel here.

I did’t received any work here as Free

Fiver has fiver pro also.


No limits to bidding. So competitors are more but many works available here.


Works available here also bidding competition less.



Works and bidding both are moderate but genuine website.


I felt works are very less for IT field.

For non-technical job recommonded.


This website information I found in internet, account not activated for me.

But, you can check this.

eBay Inc

An eCommerce giant, you can create a free profile online and receive email alerts whenever something that matches your skills and location turns up at eBay Inc.

People per hour

Available for free but wont work for free account users properly.

Paid services are better.


Global accommodations aggregator and largest website of its kind Airbnb also hire freelance and work from home talents.

They require work from home employees/ freelancers for various countries too.


New indian freelancing website.


Lockheed Martin

One of the largest aerospace companies in the world.

A lot of their IT jobs are available on work from the home basis, though you may have to report to some military installation or the company’s own offices occasionally.


For physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, counselors and other medical professionals, offers an opportunity to practice from home either fulltime or as side-gig.

Registered medical practitioners can sign up as online consultants. You’ll require a valid medical practice license and PayPal account to receive the money. Patients can ask questions and seek consultations for a fee.


If you’re a journalist, proofreader, columnist, photographer, writer or editor, it’s very easy to find a dream work from home job with employers in America and elsewhere at


As the largest portal for editing jobs, you can find year-round excellent work from home assignments at To qualify, you’ll have to pass a complex editing test that includes vocabulary, grammar and punctuation as well as rewrites.

This portal has a premium posting section too. If you complete a specific number of tasks successfully, you get automatically upgraded to the Premium.

Amazon Virtual Locations

Amazon, the single largest online store in the world hires thousands of work from home employees in several countries under its Amazon Virtual Locations program.

This is an evergreen avenue to look for all kinds of jobs where you can work from home – from senior positions to temporary, junior ones, depending upon your skills.


This website serves as a meeting point that brings together employers and jobseekers for freelance assignments that pay well.

You’ll have to buy a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription to find jobs and for employers to find you.


Northrop Grumman

A company that’s a world leader of sorts in weaponry and weapon systems.

They have jobs to work from home for highly specialized skills, mainly in IT and related applications. Their careers portal always features telecommute jobs.

JP Morgan Chase

Jobs at this banking and finance major are mainly in IT and related sectors.

Job Tara

New Indian micro tasks website. Good for freelancers.


When Indians were searching WFH/ part time/ Freelancing jobs which can pay in dollars, post COVID-19 effect-here is the website came for help!!

As per my own experience this has more technical issues like login, register,etc.. hope in later days all issues will get resolved.


When freelance experts were searching WFH/ part time/ Freelancing jobs which can pay in dollars, post COVID-19 effect-here is the website came for help!!


Here another one post COVID-19 effect-website came for help!! When freelance experts were searching WFH/ part time/ Freelancing jobs. 


What else do you need, more than government authorized???

Post COVID-19, Indian gvt has been supported work from home jobs.

OVX India

This act completely different. Work based on your risk because here no guarantee of genuine employer.

Employer post ad about job vacancy. As a employee, you trust or not its your risk.

Gig India

Solution for COVID-19 EFFECT.

USA based job portals

These Jobs portals for American citizens.


Indian and global job portals

These Job portals for both full time and part time jobs. Now you can get work from home jobs details too.



Note: This article on this page is purely for information purposes only based on author’s real time experiences. Author is not promoting or de-promoting any business.

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