Mobile app UPDATES indicates your business growth!

Do you have your own mobile apps? or have an idea and thinking to implement it? or you are one among mobile app developer having clients? then know how app updates influence your business.

This article for you!

So many people believe that updating an app is necessary and it is good for business growth.

Yes, this assumption is partially correct.

There are so many factors comes into picture

  • How often you updating app?
  • What is the reason you updating app?
  • For every new update are you gaining new users? if yes, how much percentage increased?
  • Why you updating app? because of bugs? errors? requirements?or app is not user friendly?

How to scale your business by app updates?

t is crystal clear that if you upgrading your app because of Requirements your business is growing.

But, if you upgrading app because of feed backs, bugs you losing your clients.

The more you getting complaints, feed backs than requirements get ready to close the app.

How to overcome from the problem?

  • Take usability test, while prototype model.
  • Proper functional testing
  • Beta testing

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