Story of a DREAM GIRL

My name is Rashmi. Just like everyone born in a middle class family. Met accident during high school days lost my right and right leg. Wanted to earn some good money and get settled. I am one among these ‘having dream in eyes but nothing happening in reality’ but still having BIG HOPE that SOMETHING MAGIC WILL HAPPEN IN MY LIFE. Things may be whatever, get excited every time by watching Sandeep Maheshwari kind motivational speaker’s videos.

IBM – QA Journey

Somehow, I got a good job in IBM like top MNC company. Beginning days of my life when I got job it was awesome days, life was excitement, joyful !!

My Office Life

After 3 years of corporate experience, the same 9 to 5 job routine started to feel like I lost somewhere which I don’t want. Living the life which is not mine.

So many people told me, GET A GOVERNMENT JOB…

When I am bored of corporate life itself, which has team outing, weekend masti, chances of going abroad then do I really get satisfied life in government job????

My childhood dream was to become miss world like Aishwarya Rai… But unfortunately I met accident !

I may not become model by doing cat walk on ramp( My Orthodox family dad was not letting to be a model that is separate question.. ha haa) , I strongly believe our character also can become model by inspiring others.

Now in my life new things came in life….

New career path….

I had no money to invest and wanted to learn business skills. Because one thing that I understood only a good sales person could become rich. Entrepreneur is nothing but SALES.

I thought may be this is only I am looking for….

That was AMWAY..!

In sales, the top most skill was PEOPLE SKILLS. So I joined a Amway like networking market to learn people skills.

I left Amway because,

  • My character is not like to beg people to buy
  • I didn’t like to add someone in business who can’t make it out
  • Few times I became victim
  • Very Importantly,some lost faith in me
  • Amway like network marketing is not for part time job, it need dedication and should take as full time work.

I didn’t like to sell chain link / MLM products but honestly I learnt BASICS OF BUSINESS then I decided to implement my sales and network marketing skills to my own idea i.e. Tailoring, Fashion information management system and Fashion industry social network.

Dream of Work life balance

My dream job was something like…..

  • No boss to command me
  • Flexible hours work
  • Less time more money
  • Dream to travel world
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Earn by what I love to do and enhance my skills- work with passion (Here I should not lie anyone “I want to work because I like to do this..etc..” as we say, in interviews)

Now I got clear idea of my dream and what I am looking for…!

Journey towards my Dream

After 1 year of struggle ( because building a new company was not so easy, few people trapped me in between) I started my new company with partnership – Vihana Fashions LLP


You want to know, how I started to earn money as freelancer…doing part time work?? Just visit my website or you tube channel

What are problem?

Post COVID -19 effect people gradually started to looking work from home jobs. But here there are so many fake job offers , mis-consumption are there. To help people, I started this platform to share my knowledge.

Click here‘ to see problems.

Why I started this platform?

There are already few players here who act as business consultants like Dr. Vivek Bindra but minimum invest start from Rs.35000 INR to 2-4 lakhs.

Few freelancers coaches like UAbility and Learn with Roota charges or ask to invest 30,000 to 1 lakh.

But no one is here –

  • Who give only genuine website information ALL IN ONE PLACE
  • Which you get without investment coaching from youtube or google search- NEVER GIVE YOU REAL TIME EXPERIENCES.
  • A common man who has doubt regarding remote jobs / freelance work there is no one to answers their questions within Rs 199 budget!!! Here I am referring to a common man who is just searching remote job or regular freelance work.

(Note: We are not asking you to invest money but if you search easy, shortcut to earn money. Clearly, THIS WEBSITE IS NOT FOR YOU)

When I was looking for part time income, I found so many fake job offers and few genuine. I wanted to share with people who looking like me to earn money. Also I wanted to help people who want to work and earn. So I created this Platform.

Regarding Fake VS Real money

We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

-Ronald Reagan.

This site is the result of my own experiences. As I am from a middle class family background, before leaving my job to till date what I struggled with, what all trial and errors I did on those things I am sharing here. As much as I got FAILURES, I got the same amount of SUCCESS STORIES too. When I started to share those experiences with my friends and family, I got good responses. That’s how I created this platform. Also, I encourage here sharing their experiences with me through this site who successfully earned money.

Some people in your life just guide you or give information on how to earn money. But, when you get trained from an expert who already worked on it then you will get confidence. That kind confidence boosts you to success in your money earning mission. I am doing the same here. Here I am sharing my experiences with job seekers so that they can escape from frauds /fake websites. Also I give jobs if projects are available with respect to their skill set. I would like to join people who have experiences like me and are earning money well now.

Why do you need to read my blogs/ watch videos regularly?

As I already told in my introduction video, you don’t earn money just from information and sometimes half information provided by you tubers won’t work for you in reality as in video. You need advice either from EXPERT or from who REALLY TRIED TO EARN MONEY out of it.

Learning from Expert:

They will definitely charge you to teach you. Because, they have mastered their skills (of course, don’t forget they would also struggle while they are at the learning stage. No wonder, now they expect return profit) and are also investing their time to teach you.

I tried to EARN MONEY as Freelancer:

  • I know struggles, mistakes, hack and tricks what I faced and did.
  • Myself I don’t consider that I am a Expert that’s why I created this platform where you can communicate with me in blogs/videos comments.
  • I can’t guide you in one you tube video or in one article, since the earning process is not meant to be one day. So,I strongly believe Practice makes man perfect. (I remember a joke here- What about women? Answer, she was born perfect. Ha haa)
  • Sometimes learning from expert than learning from learner more helpful. For example, I remember during my school days, whatever I didn’t understand what I was reading the whole semester my classmates taught me within the study holidays just before exam. Because, the same age, same problem we were facing

Another example: In the office, Manager just assigns the work and gives the deadline. Only co-workers understand and are capable of give suggestions because they know the work pressure in that timeline. Experts have already crossed the time period; they can just guide you as a teacher but don’t understand the pain at that moment.

So, those who are in the same boat can only understand you better and also possible fellow co-workers, peers together solve the problem.

Why do you need to apply for a job on this website? How are we different from other freelancer sites?

  • Strictly ‘No investment’ to get work.
  • Online, WFH kind benefit.
  • Overcome from bidding system like in, upwork etc…kind freelancer sites. You get your projects based on your knowledge. So, it’s mandatory that whatever job you are looking for, you should be a master in it.
  • This website is not just giving guidelines or information like few YouTubers. I check reality and publish the post (mainly it helps those looking with NO SKILLS, few blogs may be I write related to particular skills too). This website is not a job portal like Also this website is not a freelancers site too. We are like a educating consultancy.
  • Don’t work for cheap, get paid best in the industry based on your skill set and knowledge.
  • I am not giving you fake promises or fake estimation that ‘how much money you can earn’ like others. I will post in my blogs after reality check on. Based on stars you can understand,
  • We encourage people to share their success stories. Click here to ‘Join our team’. So that our readers also get benefit out of it. It will boost readers’ energy to earn money.
  • Apply job here and get mails notification.

Everyone has dream What You Have?, comment below!

“Happy to help, sharing is caring”

-Rashmi S.P

3 thoughts on “Story of a DREAM GIRL”

  1. Really I’m inspired by your story. Im also a dreamer of own company.but failed in implementing.kindly need suggestion from your end.

  2. Good things will happen to good people..
    Chasing your dream is not an easything…
    Keep going and I always wish you the success..

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