Wife's painting turns husband's profit

Have you ever thought even a painting hobby can make money?

Yes, this is true! This happened with Indore couple Gagan Jain and his wife Neethi Jain. Lets see their story.

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Nowadays, Young people find a new way in their hobbies and find business ideas. We have seen and heard so many startups. Their startup was made for a hobby and then it turned into a business format that gained popular acclaim. Today we are talking about a similar start-up business. Here the wife’s hobby made her husband a millionaire.

When Gagan Jain walked out wearing his wife’s painted shirt, the friends and relatives were very appreciative. His wife was painting with her hobby on a shirt. His wife’s painting impressed so many people. Knowing the people’s admiration, Gagan sketched out that they would buy it if they liked my shirt. He found a business idea and decided to start his own startup.

About four years ago, Gagan, along with his wife, Niti Jain, came to Indore and started a company called Rangarage, investing 15 lakh rupees.

Prior to opening the company, he worked in Muscat for a fashion brand on a working visa. His wife was too mad at painting. But she couldn’t work there. She started painting on her husband’s shirt to complete her hobby. When some people came forward to buy these wife’s painting of shirts, he thought of transforming into business. She left her job in Delhi and came to Indore and laid the foundation stone of Rangarej Store.

The company was first designing out-fittings. As demand increased, Handy began designing crafts, pillows, bed sheets, and so on. Today the company’s year-over-turnover has touched 2 crores. More than 200 workers are working with his company, as well as many customers around the world.


The lesson of Gagan and Niti’s success is that we have thousands of business ideas around us. We should have the vision of tilting them. If we successfully present these ideas to the right customers in the right manner, what work in this world would not be successful?


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