Why do people fail to get new job?

What you do, while searching new job? As normal everyone starts a new job hunt by updating their resume on job portals which I say is a completely false approach!!! 

I clear once again, I said the false approach and not said wrong!

As you can see there will be huge competition for one single jobpost.

Here is an example,

When a job posted within one hour that jobseeker’s applicants:

After few days, the same post

It means just like you there are so many people searching new jobs

How will you become add one out while searching new job among those jobseekers?

What is problem to get new job ?

Case.1) A jobseeker paying or getting free jobs notifications from jobs portals. They are not connected with recruiters directly. Here, the recruiter paid by company, not by a candidate. Hence, recruiters always work in favour of the company, not candidates.

Case.2) If people connect through linked in, there also be little competition.

Case 3) while you search for new jobs then you ask your friends / family for referrals.

Now we see in view of company how they hire their candidates

Talent Acquisition manager:

Companies try to hire people within the company as internally. Here manager knows, employee knows work culture. So, with new hike employees happily jump to new position.

Employee referral:

As soon as new positions come in employees know requirements and they refer their friends to join the team. Few times a company announces employee referral programs with a bonus.

Manager panel:

If there are no recommendations from the team. Manager team seeks employees in their network, most of the cases with ex-employees/ colleagues. 

HR panel:

Now HR starts looking for candidates, most through linked in.

Consultancy and job portals:

Here employers need to pay for job portals or consultancies. So they try to avoid it but if there is no option then job openings are announced here.

“Which is exactly the opposite approach of jobseekers!!!!!!”

What is the solution?

Jobseekers should start job search as employers hire candidates!

This theory applies to both work at the office or work from home.

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I want readers’ opinion, if you have any bad or good experience about job search comment below. Thanks

Note: This article is purely for information purposes only. Author is not promoting or de-promoting any business.

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– Rashmi SP

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